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Badger Advocates Disappointed in Regents Approval of System Plan to Reduce UW- Madison Funds

Executive Director Matt Kussow issued the following statement: “We’re disappointed UW-System administrators accelerated the trend of cutting pubic support for UW-Madison, today. Based on the comments at the meeting…

Badger Advocates Calls Money-Shuffling Proposal Short-sighted

This is bad for UW-Madison and bad for Wisconsin…UW-Madison alumni across the nation should be outraged at this development. I fear this is just the beginning of efforts to erode the flagship’s ability to strengthen the System and the state.

UW, business ties create economic ripples

The university’s reach is not just civic—it is financial as well. In fact, the Wisconsin Idea even began in part as a way to ensure that the knowledge from state universities would be a way to for citizens to exercise power in their economy. UW-Madison is credited with generating an estimated $15 billion in statewide economic activity in 2015 and many of its programs are considered vital in producing the next generation of the state’s doctors, engineers and scientists.