Badger Advocates' Mission Statement

Badger Advocates, Inc., is a section 501(c)4 advocacy organization. It was created independently from the University of Wisconsin­Madison and its supporting organizations. It exists to advocate in the interests of improving and expanding support for the campus in the state of Wisconsin and among elected officials.

Badger Advocates Board members, supporters, and stakeholders recognize the importance of UW­Madison to our state and our nation, and they are committed to ensuring that it has the resources necessary to be successful in fulfilling its mission. Badger Advocates will amplify the voices that support UW­Madison to positively influence elected, appointed, corporate and community leaders, and other citizens of the state.

Badger Advocates supports UW wage increase

The proposal is indicative of a stronger state economy and an opportunity to help close a growing wage gap with peer institutions. 

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UW Madison sees smaller share of new state funding

Flagship funding shifted to other campusesUW-Madison advocacy group blasts plan to give other campuses bigger share of funding A lobbying group made up of UW-Madison alumni and donors is criticizing the University of Wisconsin System’s plan ...

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Foxconn requires increased investment in the engineering schools

August 7, 2017Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin and a key piece of this plan is UW-Madison, our state’s world class research university, and the excellent engineering programs at UW-Milwaukee and UW-Platteville.Last month’s announcement Foxconn would ...

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Badger Advocates Calls Money-Shuffling Proposal Short-sighted

This is bad for UW-Madison and bad for Wisconsin...UW-Madison alumni across the nation should be outraged at this development. I fear this is just the beginning of efforts to erode the flagship's ability to strengthen the System ...

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Lawmakers open to ending University of Wisconsin tuition freeze as cut faces opposition

“We can’t freeze tuition forever,” Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, told the Wisconsin State Journal, making him the second member of the Joint Finance Committee to indicate interest in allowing limited UW tuition increases.

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