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Alumni, supporters, friends of the University – Badger Advocates is where the few stand tall to protect the legacy of our great university for future generations.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison relies on state policymakers to invest in their future workforce and promote a safe, welcoming environment for a world-class, research institution. Unfortunately, in recent years the hands of government have too often sunk in their claws, subjecting the University to over-regulation and severe budget cuts.

Last year a group of like-minded alumni decided to change the conversation in Madison. Badger Advocates launched an independent campaign designed to promote and defend UW-Madison in the State Capitol. Our lobbying and public relations strategies take aggressive positions in support of the long-term financial needs and well-being of the University and are poised to respond quickly to public misconceptions.

Our efforts were evident in the current budget. Last session the UW-System endured a $250 million cut and rhetorical attacks on faculty workloads and discretionary fund balances. This session, nearly $100 million was restored and University employees will receive their first pay increase in six years.

It is imperative that we are prepared to defend the candidates taking difficult votes on behalf of the University. Last November, at the hands of a few generous friends, Badger Advocates established a political action committee (PAC) called Next WI. Next WI provides financial support to candidates who support UW-Madison and understand the tremendous economic and social value it brings to Wisconsin. Party affiliation is irrelevant. We take a strategic approach each election and support candidates which will help us achieve our political objectives.

If you want to defend your university from future political attacks, please consider a donation to Badger Advocates’ PAC, Next WI.


Paid for by NEXT WI, a political action committee regulated by the Wisconsin Ethics Commission. Individual contributions to PAC and Party Committees are unlimited.