State Support

UW-Madison relies on state support to offset the cost of tuition for Wisconsin residents. It is used to directly hire faculty, expand class offerings in high demand areas and reduce the time it takes to earn a degree.

Recent reductions in State support led to faculty lay-offs, course reductions, and funding shifts to cover basic maintenance of classrooms and UW buildings.

Badger Advocates supports a steady state investment, adjusted annually to meet inflationary costs.

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Tuition accounts for 18% of UW-Madison’s annual budget. Rates are established by the Board of Regents in accordance with State law.

State law has imposed a freeze on resident tuition for the last four years. The Board of Regents increased non-resident and grad school tuition to help cover inflationary costs. UW-Madison currently has the 8th lowest resident tuition in the Big 10 and ranks well below most peer institutions.

Badger Advocates supports providing the Board of Regents the flexibility to approve modest, cost-of-living adjustments to resident tuition.

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Federal and private research grants account for 1/3 of UW-Madison’s annual operating budget. Grants are usually awarded to faculty – not the University. A reduction in state funding inhibits UW-Madison’s ability to retain high quality faculty which threatens the loss of research funding.

Badger Advocates supports research funding and strives to maintain UW-Madison’s reputation as a world class leader in research and development.

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