Badger Advocates' Mission Statement

Badger Advocates, Inc., is a section 501(c)4 advocacy organization. It was created independently from the University of Wisconsin­Madison and its supporting organizations. It exists to advocate in the interests of improving and expanding support for the campus in the state of Wisconsin and among elected officials.

Badger Advocates Board members, supporters, and stakeholders recognize the importance of UW­Madison to our state and our nation, and they are committed to ensuring that it has the resources necessary to be successful in fulfilling its mission. Badger Advocates will amplify the voices that support UW­Madison to positively influence elected, appointed, corporate and community leaders, and other citizens of the state.

Cory Nettles: State should fund the Badger Promise

Recently, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank proposed an initiative called the Badger Promise. The objective is to welcome more first-generation students who have completed programs at one of Wisconsin's two-year campuses by providing free tuition at ...

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BA Board Member Katharine Lyall: It’s not too late to invest in UW-Madison, System

This OpEd appeared in many newspapers throughout the state of Wisconsin:The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently slid two spots in the national rankings for total research funding. The shift is a troubling indicator for our state’s ...

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Kellner, Selig, Culver among business leaders behind UW-Madison lobbying group

Some of Wisconsin’s leading and most politically connected business executives are behind Badger Advocates’ new strategy to increase lobbying of the Republican-led Wisconsin Legislature to address their concerns that UW-Madison’s world-class status is being hurt ...

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UW-Madison advocacy group hires first executive director

In light of ongoing political pressure on the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a group of influential alums plans to boost lobbying the state Legislature for support and hired Matt Kussow — who recently lobbied for UW ...

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Badger Advocates looks to bridge gap between UW, Legislature

“Once a badger, always a badger” — that is the motto that pushed a small group of University of Wisconsin alumni to take issues affecting their alma mater into their own hands.More than 14 of ...

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